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Six Faces of Dice; #2 of 6: Joel

J. Sepulveda, A.Gimeno

Rated R, 15 pgs, B&W
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Joel introduction

Originally, "The Six Faces of a Dice" was a six short stories book written by Juan Sepúlveda Sanchis. They have now been adapted to comic format, executed by means of the technical expertise of designers Hernán Campos, Andrés Gimeno, and Alberto Tavira; They have been published by Studiocomix under the supervision of Alfonso Espinós and his creative team.

The first thing that must be said about 6 F.O.D is that, given the experimental nature of the stories, it its difficult to explain what the reader is going to find in this comic. Some of the stories could be thought to fit into genres as diverse as thriller or romance. However, when the reader begins to delve into the subsequent stories, he/she will quickly abandon this idea. It will gradually become more difficult to classify the stories. Puzzling arguments will arise on behalf of other genres and atmospheres that are dreamlike, surreal, nightmarish so the reader will be transported to a different world where nothing is what it seems.

The six stories will be published independently.

Synopsis Joel (Face 2/6):

    A young seminarian, heavily influenced by a complicated childhood, decides to quit what he has been forced to study. After six months of managing bars and discos he gets a blind date. Throughout this strange meeting he shares experiences with those who are not who they seem to be.

Ilustrator: Andrés Gimeno

Released date: February 2011

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