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Evil Dweeb; High Adventure in a World of High School

Stuart J Brown

Rated PG-13, 39 pages, B&W
$2.50 Buy Now

A Brief Summary

Much to his better judgment, the guy behind the webcomic, “Annyseed,”

Stuart Brown, has decided to release one of his earlier creations, “Evildweed,” from the late 90’s. The story is a Jock Vs Nerd bonanza, packed with the horrendous stereotypes that Stuart absorbed throughout his youth from the media, and then in turn, spewed out onto the page, as he tried to make sense of it all.

If you like Annyseed, you may not necessarily like Evildweeb, Stuart is currently debating whether he does or not, himself. He has no plans to do anything like this again, so get it while you can!