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Dungeons & Dorks, a webcomic written by the creator of

The forum community for, your username, password, and other account information work at both websites.

Sarcastic Artist

The artist for and who has done a good amount of work on, Jason Smith is a fantastic artist who accepts art requests in a variety of mediums.

Great Websites

Rock the LAN

Comics, gaming, geek info, this website covers it all, a great resource to keep up with the latest geek/gaming/comics news hitting the scene.

Great Podcasts


The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead, and Supernatural. This podcast is done with full special effects, one chapter at a time until its finished, every Friday.

Webcomic Artist Resources

Comic Book and Movie Reviews

Sometimes you want to read about comic books rather than new comic books, and you can't find a greate source than Jay's site, and hes a nice chap too, so check his site out!

How to Make a Webcomic (Wikihow)

This guide over at Wiki-How is pretty good, worth reading.