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Comatose 7
Wind and Wasteland
The Beast Legion
Dark Wick
My Life With Fel
The Tempest Wind
Black Wall
The Din
Redshirts 2
Basto Entertainment
Out of My Element
Plush and Blood
A Song of Heroes


So for the next 10 days we'll be promoting one of the most enjoyable movies of 2008, at least for me.  Hellboy 2.  Ironman was my favorite this year, then Batman, then hellboy.  Dang, it was a great year for comics this year!  When are we getting an Earthsong movie??

Anyways, thanks everyone for your patience.

The site should be dramatically faster lately, last week I did a lot of optimizations, enabled web compression, and enabled web caching.  If anyone notices any issues with these changes, let me know.  Also, if you can't vote, can you "please" email me letting me know what happens, how, and when? 

Thanks everyone!


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