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I've decided to run a Shadowrun 4th edition game over on the forums:

I need about 2 more players, so slots will tend to fill up quick.

Alternatively, if you've ever thought of running a game but can't find players, I'm looking for more GMs to run games.  There always seems to be more players than games, and more games will mean more feedback for me to improve the custom software running over on

if you're interested in joining or starting a game, click here:

An advantage of the dndorks forums is that anyone running a game can request improvements that I'll build into the site for everyone to take advantage of.  To see a list of whats going on so far, click here

Is anyone having problems with the new voting system? 90% of the votes are coming through successfully, 5% of the votes are wrong.  Its very consistent, if anyone can help me find any rough edges I can polish off, I'd appreciate it, email me at rmathis   (_at_) webcomic   . net

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