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Who Wants to be a radio supervillain contest results

Hey everyone, the Red Panda contest is complete! Congratulations to Ben Dowell, Bill Merlock, Knikki Hill, and Daniel Dreibelbis for getting their supervillain ideas in a future Red Panda episode!


Whats next? Well towards the end of season 6, an episode with their villains will appear, so this fall make sure to keep up on the episodes over at Decoder Ring Theatre.


Two webcomics were nominated by the winners, Freefall, and The Joy of Tech.  Which Freefall? I don't know  yet, but I'm trying to find out, as there is two on the list.  What is The Joy of Tech? I don't know that either, I'm not familiar with the comic, so if anyone wants to send me a message letting me know about the joy of tech, I'll give them a link.

Ok everyone, thanks for participating!

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