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The Beast Legion Action Capture Contest

Jazyl is running a contest over on Deviant art,The Beast Legion Action Capture Contest, and theres only 20 days left! For more details, keep reading, otherwise go straight to the source here. Prizes, money, fame, it can all be yours! (well prizes and money, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad!)

Here is what Jazyl wrote

We are having a contest to celebrate 4 issues of the manga on Deviantart & Everyone can join. The theme is to draw two to four  Beast Legion characters from the  manga in action poses. More details are available in the link. Theres tons of prizes including cash, DA points, subs & Art commissions.

Jazyl H.


It sounds pretty cool, so if you have any artistic talent, go check them out, and if you're a fan of The Beast Legion, go check it out anyways, I'm sure there will be some examples of his cool artwork and such to check out, and eventually, maybe some of the fan-submitted pieces. :)

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