Star Wars age 9 - Epilogue (c.1978)


c.1982 / 14-15 years of age
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I think I first encountered this word in Star Wars. See? Pop culture increases your word-power! Funnily enough, the Streets of San Francisco TV series which I liked (Karl Malden, great actor) used to do this whole Prolog, ACT IV, Epilog thing. A tad pretentious but it was a good series. Watching it one night with mum and dad I asked,

"Why do they spell eh-pillow-jee (or eh-pillow-gwee) as epilog in America?"



Dad chuckled and told me it was pronounced epilog. I felt silly « again.

Reminds me of Zoolander and his graveside eu-googlie (eulogy)!

Art Notes: If Necessary

close up of the comic panel

Those handsome devils

"You came ba(c)k fantastic"

"Yes, the salon was amazing. Thank you."

Leia whirls around, delighted to see Han's fantastic appearance. A comma would've helped here - but it wouldn't look as silly 3 decades years later would it? I wrote BAK so quickly that I forgot the C. I could spell quite well then but was in such a rush to get drawing, that I'd make mistakes.


"Today hundreds if nessersary thousasnds of rebel troops and technicians stand to. To hounoured seven brave souls :-"

planet of the apes lobotomy

I'd rather have a full bottle in front-a-me

rebel soldier

Than a full-frontal lobotomy

Hey, there's a primitive 1978 emoticon in there! Pioneering stuff! And no, I'm not sure what the paragraph means either. Maybe "Hundreds, if not thousands?"

Still struggling with that word though! Here's another example if you're feeling nostalgic yearnings for the earlier part of the book:

«  was-this-trip-really-necessary-15


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