The Beast Legion - The Beast Legion #1

Description: THE BEAST LEGION follows the exploits of a young prince, Xeus who is forced to flee his homeland after it falls under the tyrannical rule of the evil Dragos & his Shadow Nexus minions. Destined to save his homeland from the growing chaos , Xeus embarks on his quest to overthrow the tyrant & bring peace back to his homeland of Lithopia. But in order to match up to the armies of Evil, Xeus must first master the secret of the ‘Beast Transfer’, pieces of armor that convert the one who wears them into a beastial form with Awesome powers.

#1 Darkness Rising Lithopia is fantasy world that has endured great battles between the forces of Good & Evil. After 30 years of peace & prosperity, it is once again threatened by a prophecy that declares the resurfacing of the Evil Lord Dragos & the Shadow Nexus. Despite all the precautions, Dragos returns & launches an offensive attack on the Lithopian palace. Will King Vokan & the Lithopian forces be able to withstand the sudden attack...

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