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Welcome to the TopWebComics Introguide!

This guide is meant to give you a bit of an idea who we are, what we're doing, and how you can best use our site


What is TopWebComics?
TopWebComics(TWC) is a site dedicated to the promotion of webcomics. Webcomics participate in the hope of attracting new readers, while giving back to the community by bringing their own fans to TWC to find other webcomics
How Often can I vote for my favorite comic?
The simple answer is one vote per machine per day per comic. Please, no bots, no javascript trickery, just humans voting legitimately on the comics they like! Also, no driving around in your car with a laptop looking for open wifi spots in order to vote more often...actually, thats kinda cool, if you're that determined, go for it.

Webcomic Owners

What can TopWebComics do for you?
TopWebComics can help expose your comic to the world. We can do this a number of different ways.
  • Competition: You put the vote link on your webcomic, your fans vote for the webcomic and are exposed to other webcomics they might like, while other people's fans see your comic and get the chance to be expoded to you!
  • Articles: Your articles help visitors of TWC to see your artwork, your personality, your humor. Webcomics give us articles to promote all the time, a few paragraphs, a couple images, send it over to rmathis (at) webcomic (.net), and I'll put it in the queue.
  • Avatars: Those cute (and sometimes not so cute) little avatars that get shown on each of the nearly 100,000 votes that get registered each day are submitted by webcomic owners all the time. Yours could be there, helping guide that next vote in.
What are Incentive Comics?
Incentives are images used by webcomics to encourage their fans to participate by voting. Common examples of incentives are portraits of favorite characters, side-stories that don't fit in the main comic, or just random "fun" things to reward the readers.
How do I advertise on TWC?
We show 4 advertisements per spot (there are 3 spots) at a time, add your banner into the queue by going here.
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