New Look

 Hey everyone, I'm looking to clean up the site a bit, freshen things up.  If you're a web designer able to provide a few pages in HTML/CSS that would remodel the look, let me know!  Also, if you're a comic owner and interested in submitted a few characters I could use in logos, banners, etc, I'd like to incorporate a bit more of what makes topwebcomics great, the comics!

Web designer

I don't have a lot of money for this, so I'm thinking I can toss a few hundred dollars plus maybe some free exposure?   Obviously I want to keep the look as similar as possible in terms of colors and logo, but the exact layout is flexible, as long as we keep it working for as many platforms as reasonable.

Comic Characters

I'm thinking different images that I'll program to randomly show up throughout the site.  Ideally we'd get the characters emailed to us in a transparent png format so we can layer them.  I won't be claiming ownership of your property, so if you ever want the comic removed, I'll remove it if requested.  If you have comic logos you want to share, I'll happily put that too in various places, as the new design permits.  


For all of this, email me at support (_at_) webcomic (dot) net   or just use the support form on the contact page