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TopWebComics Rules & Regulations


Voters should be voting only for the webcomic they are voting for.
  • What does this mean? If you have 2 webcomics, please sign up 2 accounts, don't trick your voters into voting for 2 different webcomics simultaneously.
You should vote for your own comic.
  • Read it again in case you misread it. Please vote for your own comic. Thousands of comics have registered for TWC, by voting, you show yourself to be an active webcomic and push yourelf above the thousands who have quit, never really started, etc.
Vote Incentives should be inline with the maturity rating of your webcomic.
  • If your webcomic is focused on younger readers, please keep your vote incentives inline with what your readers expect.


Do physically vote from each computer you have
  • Many voters will vote from home and from school, work, etc.
Don't abuse the fairness of the system by using macros, voting more than once per machine per day, etc to vote for you
  • TWC expects each vote to come from a human being, this is how we promote a sense of fairness


Don't be dramatic. If you attempt to bully your way via appeals to authority or otherwise riling up your fanbase via will end up with you being removed until you apologize to your fanbase and TWC. This includes
  • lawyers. Lawyers are meant to solve real issues when civil discourse can't resolve disagreements. We require civil discourse to solve all disagreements at TWC
  • IT Staff. We welcome helpful improvements we can make at TWC, we do not appreciate Hollywood-style gibberish claiming impossible things to audiences
  • God. Whatever you worship, probably has better things to do with its time than worry about your contest results. Stop taking energy away from legitimate prayers.

TWC Exploits

If you find an exploit and notify us, you'll receive 5 days advertising OR a facebook & twitter announcement of your preference. Thank you, please contact me privately. :)


  • We can't enforce what is or is not trolling, for this reason, we don't disqualify anyone for "trolling". However, we don't appreciate obvious trolling and will do what we can to reward people who are fair and good intentioned
  • We know how competitive helping get your favorite comic to the top of the list can be, but please, don't go to other comics to start trouble, this often makes your favorite comic look bad and gives them a bad reputation.
  • A better use of your time would be to go to other comics in a similar genre and ask their readers to read your favorite comic. This helps your comic grow, and exposes the reader of that comic to something they may appreciate.