jason PBF

Are you a Fading Suns Fan? Looking to roleplay online? Dndorks artist, Jason (aka Artmonkey)  is starting a new PBF. 

A PBF, in case you aren't already aware, is a play by forum game.  The dndorks forums (and TWC forums) both support special codes in the forums that allow dice to be rolled and inserted into posts.  PBFs are ideal for people who don't necessarily have time to play regularly on a set schedule, but still want to play a roleplaying game.  Its also great for people who really like to write and express themselves, but feel a bit stunted by the other players who try to pressure you to "hurry up", as you can write as expressively as you like.

Fading Suns is a science fiction space opera setting, I could go into the specifics, but here is the wiki link instead. Suffice it to say its cool, gritty at times, and is a lot of fun, based on my experience with Jason's games in the past. 

Jason runs a lot of PBFs over there, with all different game systems, I highly recommend taking a look around and seeing what hes done in the past, a lot of them are very cool.

So, if you're interested, take a look at his game thread here and post that you're interested.  Hes only accepting a few people, so be quick if you're interested!