So..hows everyone doing?

So the cartooning into the marketplace event was cancelled, and I needed to post on here to remove it from the homepage, so I thought I'd give a general update.

My twitter is here, I use it fairly often: @topwebcomics

After many years, I finally sent out a newsletter, but what doesn't exist, is a way for comic owners to update their email address!  Crazy eh?  I'll add it soon. 

This year I think is the time for a new server.  The current one has been serving us well for many years, but really the 70GB server we've had for the longest time has always stifled us, I think its time to go to a terrabyte server with a quadcore system.   This would all be easy enough except for the fact that I pay for a 1U slot down at the server farm, so whatever I build has to fit in 1U, which is about 2 inchs or so, and it makes it pricy, but maybe with the economic downturn it'll be cheaper.

Anyways, that ends this update, hope everyone likes the new voting page! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!