Press Release: Urban Inferno Opens its Doors | New type of webcomic

Urban Inferno Opens its Doors, Offering a New Way to Experience Online Comic Books

An Original, Online Graphic Novel; Urban Inferno features an Interactive Pager Turner Audio Book like No Other
For people bored and fed up of finding nothing original and free on the internet. Infernal Multimedia offers the public a scorching new addiction for their eye sockets. Behold; the official launching of a free to use graphic novel, web comic that has been written and drawn exclusively for the internet. Urban Inferno welcomes all those seeking a fresh, fun, online experience. With a stimulating story and original artwork, Urban Inferno promises to be a one of a kind web based Graphic Novel for the 13+ crowd.
Equipped with the latest page turner technology (Microsoft Silverlight), this unique online graphic novel is enhanced by an original audio score to complement its hand drawn artwork. The art and story is presented in a pager turner format, allowing the reader to turn the page as they please. Simply click on a panel and the audio book plays out. With a large cast of talented voice actors and unique music and sounds, the ongoing tale of the inhabitants of Urban Inferno unfolds with each click of the mouse. The art is by local Montreal artist Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein whose exceptional drawing style brings the vision of author and creative director Sean Powell (of Infernal Multimedia) to life. Chapter updates will be added regularly. Simply view the calendar on the main page to find out new launch dates!
"Online web comics are part of a growing culture, featuring many talented writers and artists using the internet as a platform to share their creativity," said Sean Powell, founder of Infernal Multimedia. "Urban Inferno is a web based graphic novel that is unique and free for anyone who is looking to kill time and have fun on the internet. The audio score is what makes Urban Inferno stand out. It promises to really bring the viewer into the world and push the art even further to create a diverse multimedia experience."
Urban Inferno also offers its community a chance to imagine and create their own stories and characters. Short story competitions will be held regularly and submitted through the forums. The winner's will have their work posted on our City Chronicle page for all to see. Character creation and story may make a fully drawn appearance in the regular ongoing Urban Inferno saga.
Infernal Multimedia consists of born and raised comic book lovers, who simply wanted to create a different style of media platform to share their ideas. Look for a network of new graphic novels for all ages in the future, plus many improvements to as we constantly strives to update the site.
Urban Inferno audio book iPhone application coming soon!
Contact: Sean Powell, Infernal Multimedia Inc.