San Diego Comic Con!

 Last day of, I didn't go there. :'(  The SDCC purchase page crashing within minutes the 1st day kinda derailed me.  I had a heck of a lot of fun at a tweetup last week instead, but still, SCCC next year, ppl will see me there!


My server has been having more and more issues lately.  Its very frustrating, because its a hard lock.  It used to be one crash every two months, but now its more like every few days.  Capturing the reason behind a hard lock is pretty rough, its presumably hardware related, but when I come back, the server is just frozen, so I can't see what it might have been doing at the time.  I'll probably be buying an even beefier server once I have a bit more $$, but until then, I'm trying to diagnose the issues by turning off all of the power saving and running diagnostics.  This way, when it freezes next time, I'll go look and the screen will presumably be frozen with info up on the screen that might hint what is causing it.

It hasn't crashed since I setup the diagnostics... >_>

Hope everyone's SDCC was suitably awesome!