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Welcome to the world's leading webcomic community! Topwebcomics was one of the very first to bring together the webcomic creators together with fans around the world. For over a decade, Topwebcomics has served as the ultimate marketing platform for webcomics around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to continue to promoting webcomics to the best of our abilities. We do realize that sometimes, social media alone isn't enough. That is why we offer paid advertisements here on Topwebcomics. Our prices are extremely competitive and even lower for webcomics who choose to advertise with us. It is our way of saying thanks to the community that has stuck with us for all these years.

For those interested in advertising with us, please send an email at ads@topwebcomics.com and it will be our pleasure to provide you with additional information on our daily advertising program.

That’s right, no longer do you have to worry about when the banner you purchased will be displayed; you can plan announcements, kickstarters, webcomic launches, etc., knowing that your ads will run on the days we’ve mutually agreed upon. You pick the days you want to advertise and we do the rest!

We offer three banner formats currently, the Tower Ads (160x600), the square 300x250, and the leaderboard ads (728x90). In order to allow sufficient visibility for your campaign, we are limiting the amount of ads per banner format. Therefore, your ad will have full exclusivity for the days you purchase, sharing the spotlight with only one other ad.

What if you're greedy and want the full day to yourself? That too, can also be arranged.

Don't wait any longer, email us today with your campaign goals and we will do what we can to help you reach those objectives while remaining within your budget.

That email again, is ads@topwebcomics.com

It's that easy to get us to work for you!

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