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The Wrong House

written by Curtis Lawson, illustrated by Kay, Cover art by Mariano Laclaustra

B&W, 25 pgs
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The Wrong House is the story of three teen misfits and a Halloween night gone terribly wrong. Lawson's wonderfully creative story telling and Kay's dark, gritty art style immerse the reader in the terrifying events of the night.

Told in a non-linear manner, the story works its way inside out, slowly revealing the truth behind this gruesome tale. Adam Atherton (Lily of the Valley), had this to say about The Wrong House "The art and traditional ink work of THE WRONG HOUSE is beautifully devilish, complimenting the dark script perfectly. If you're into horror comics, it's a must read."


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If you'd like a great modern example of an old genre (horror comics), check out..."The Wrong House"