Recent webcomics

Here are some of the webcomics I've been reading lately:  Demon of the Underground, Spinnerette, and Blue Milk Special.  Demon of the Underground is new, and we have an article introducing it.  The others are favs I read here and there.


Demon of the Underground reminds me of Neil Gaimans Neverwhere illustrated in a style that reminds me of old Heavy Metal comics.  An accurate description? You'll have to check it out and find out for yourself, sometimes the things that come to my mind as I read something is far from the conclusions others come to.

Spinnerette is a fantastic webcomic that I come to time and time again.  You all think you see the advertisements a lot as you vote and such? I see them more than anyone else, and something about that six armed superhero that just draws me in.  I recently reread the whole series from start until a few months ago and every time I read it, I find little clever tidbits that I didn't read before.

Blue Milk Special has been around on TWC for a long time, and its hilariously funny, particularly if you're a star wars fan (and come on, chances are, any given person is more likely to be one than not, right?)  Read through a few, and I dare you not to find one that makes you chuckle outloud. :)

Thats what I'm reading? Whats yours? Oh wait, I haven't finished programming a comment system here yet. :(  Ok, thats coming.  I've been making infrastructure changes lately, and thanks to all of the webcomic advertisers I was recently able to purchase a new supercomputer (literally, its pretty crazy, 6 cores, 12GB ddr ecc memory, 1.6TB raid 5, etc) that has been super stable (virtual knock on wood) so I've finally been able to move forward with making improvements here and there.