New Article, Updates, and Minecraft

We have a new article up, check it out here, its for Demon Hunter Kain, a comic that looks really awesome! I'm heading to Minecon in a few weeks, any other minecraft lovers heading there? If so, look for me! Also, I'm really enjoying a newish podcast called Minecraft After Dark, so I thought I'd give them a shoutout.  Its ran by two Aussies who seem pretty cool.  

I like certain styles of podcasts, notably audio dramas (Red Panda Adventures, I'm talking about you), podcast Books (like Scott Sigler's stuff or the stuff over at, and finally podcasts that seem run by a few friends, and after you listen to them it seems like the kind of conversations I might have with my friends at a restaurant.  Minecraft After Dark seems like that kind of podcast, so if you enjoy a similar style of podcast and enjoy Minecraft, check it out.