foreward movement and reset issue

 Sorry everyone, I had strep throat last week which took me down pretty hard.  Because of it, I didn't notice right away that the list hadn't reset.  Thanks everyone who send me messages, enough of them came through that I finally noticed.  

On to new site rebuild, last night we discussed some changes to the comic info page and the vote page.  I don't have much to share, but here is a few tidbits.
  • Vote avatars (the ones you select if you aren't logged in) will be getting bigger.  Not sure how big, but probably 50% to 100% bigger than they are now.  
  • There will be more ways of viewing the list.  There will be ways to see the list ranked by week, maybe even by day.  Maybe other weird ways to see the list too
  • There won't be paging, you just scroll down, like twitter or google images

Hope to share more soon.