Happy Holidays and an update

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a happy holiday season!  As you're probably aware, we've been doing a lot of infrastructure improvements over the past few months.  Well next we're releasing our wordpress integration, and introducing our wordpress admin, Les Major.  Here is an introduction from him

    I'm an animator and past web comic artist. For over a decade I've animated two DVDs, programmed a short video game, and created tons of artwork. The main reason I'll be writing this blog is to share many of my experiences and discussions I usually focus on at convention panels.

Most of the cons I'm invited to are anime related, which my style somewhat resembles. I was actually inspired by american manga artist Ben Dunn. He also gave me my first animation job, creating the Luftwaffe 1946 OVA. My creations are usually a mix of 2D and 3D so I have a good range of understanding various mediums. I've also worked on a bunch of live action video, including an episode for one of Ed The Sock's TV shows, but that probably isn't relivant here

I'm pretty excited, the wordpress portion is already up on the test server, we're doing some last minute changes to make it easy for you all to log into the wordpress portion with the same login as TWC, then it should be going live probably in the next week or so.

With more help, more content should be forthcoming, so lets look for an active 2014.

Thank you everyone!