New Articles Section

Hi folks! I am Les Major and I'm happy to be here to share my experience and articles with the community.

It's here! Using your Top Web Comics login you can now get involved by commenting on our all new blog. Join in, comment, and your web comic just might be the one we feature this Wednesday! There is a LOT more to come including art and video game news!

Check it out at for the latest and to join in on discussions. This is after all, your Top Web Comics community. Get involved, comment with your fellow fans and artists, and we'll continue to expand this new section. Our schedule has been posted, so be sure to check that out.

This week we'll be posting an article for the first Web Comic Wednesday that will feature someone from our community. I'll be checking out their early comics, getting a newcomers feel for their creation, and sharing with all of you why you should check it out! Want that to be your comic? Comment on the blog and let me know!

As time goes on I will be looking over may comics, both promoted here on TWC and on the internet at large. I will also have a large focus on video game news and reviews! This is your watercooler to talk shop, take a break and discuss your favorite games, or just get some more insight into various web comics. This is your community! You already have a login. Check it out and get started today!