September 2015 Art Contest

Is everyone ready for a new Art Contest? TopWebComics is having a September 2015 Art Contest. It will officially launch September 1st. In order to give you all a heads up, the contest requirements are listed here in and on our Facebook page. There is always a lot of info on our Facebook page so be sure to follow us for details. TWC Facebook Page Those who are interested, the art contest will start September 01st. The art submissions will need to include the following: * 1 or 2 of your webcomic's character(s) * A hot air balloon * Donald Trump * A Pirate Ship This contest will let your creativity fly so be certain to have fun with it! Contest entries will be able to be uploaded to TWC Website on September 01st, but this is an opportunity to start putting in some thoughts and come up with something amazing! The prizes will be described on September 01st so be sure to stay tuned and spread the