New Site

First thing, for those people emailing us using a HOTMAIL account, the hotmail server is rejecting our responses. If you sent us an email using a hotmail account and wonder why we didnt answer you, it could be the reason.

If you did, you can always message us directly on Facebook if you dont have another email.

You may have noticed that the images on the list are much bigger than before. It's to allow for some bigger HD images. The ideal image size is 936x120 but the site will accept anything smaller around those criterias. 

If you are login in for the first time, please be aware that you will need to reset your password. The site will confirm your email address. When you reset it, an email will be sent to the address with a new password. Once you log in you can go to Edit Profile and change the password to whatever you want it to be. 

When we updated the site, we had to change servers. When we launched, the servers couldnt keep up with the high volume of people that came to check out the new site and was very slow to load. We didnt want to wait it out so we upgraded our servers so that it would never happen again.

Many of you have reported having trouble voting. After many hours of hard work, our program team was able to find the bugs that was causing the issue. The voting problems should be fixed. 

The system is currently login out people after a very short amount of time of inactivity. We are working on extending that time to ensure this annoying occurrence goes away. It is still not fixed yet.

Whenever an incentive image was loaded, the site used to crash. We fixed that and made the save button more obvious. This should at least fix this problem.

It was very surprising at how many people complained about the favorites ordering system. We heard you loud and clear and made the fix. 

We are still not completely out of the woods as fixes are still being done. However, the majority of the site should be operating to normal capacity as of now for normal usage. 

In the event that something is happening that is not to your liking, please email us right away and we will assist you as soon as we can. 

We do thank you all for your patience and understanding in these hectic times. We have done our best to keep communications open during these time to keep you all informed on what was going on. These changes were made for ALL of you to enhance your experience with TWC and to offer better marketing results to all webcomics.

Your votes do matter and we thank you for taking the time to keep showing your support. 

Thank you all once again for your continued love and support. You have made this experience worth living. Now, it's time to keep making dreams come true and to keep on showing love to your favorite artists!

- Marty Basto