Vote Avatar Fix

This month we had an issue with a lot of different voting avatars having issues, either mismatched names, no names on the avatars, possibly difficult to read avatar names, etc.  A lot of fans were kind enough to write in letting me know certain avatars had issues, unfortunately its a bit difficult to find the avatars with issues in the database when the problem is that the text in the database has a problem. ;)

Being a programmer, I figured I should fix this issue, so I made a page that displays all of the avatars to me along with all of the names, and its a bit easier for me to look and compare down the entire list of several hundred avatars that are scheduled to go live over the next 4 months.  I found a bunch of issues, plus a couple that maybe weren't obvious.  One issue that wouldn't be obvious to fans, but just frustrating, is that some webcomics accidentally (or intentionally ;)) submitted two avatars of the same character and image.  This allowed 2 of the same names to come up on the buttons but only 1 would work.  That would probably be pretty frustrating and all such cases I found were fixed.

Hopefully this new page will help give me an overview that I can look at each month and make sure nothing slipped in.

As a side note, I'm working on building some games to make use of the character avatars, it should be cool, will have leaderboards, and give us mroe ways to see all of these vote avatars that webcomic owners have been kind enough to submit, and help everyone find characters they find interesting and maybe inspire TWC visitors to visit webcomics they otherwise might.

Anyways, hope everyone has a good weekend!