Like It or Hate It

This new feature allows each webcomic creators to upload up to 10 incentive images per month. It doesnt need to be uploaded at the same time and you can upload as often as you see fit but only 10 per month are accepted. At the beginning of the month, all incentives reset.

When a viewer goes in the INCENTIVES: Like it or Hate it section, all incentives that have been uploaded will be displayed randomly. Each incentives will have a Like It or Hate It button. Every time a viewer clicks on Like It, a vote will be added to the overall count for the webcomic who has posted the incentive. Clicking on Hate it will not add a vote but will not subtract it either.

Each account on TWC can vote Like it or Hate it for each submitted incentives once per day just like the regular voting.

This means that a single webcomic can now receive an additional 10 votes per day, per IP Address and Account.

Please note that blank submissions for incentives with VOTE FOR ME will not be accepted and will be removed. Remember, the purpose is to showcase your artwork and gain new readers.

This is a great way to recycle old incentive images or contest entries used on TWC or even other types of wallpapers.

To upload your very own incentive image, click on to MANAGE WEBCOMIC. To the Right, there is an option called BONUS INCENTIVES. In this section, you will be able to name your incentive image and link the URL where you have stored your incentive image. It's that easy. You can upload up to 10 incentives a month. 

Best of luck to you all and be sure to check it out daily to offer your support.