Where will 'You' hide from that which gibbers in the dark

Its 1921, you live in Lion's Head, a small but wealthy city in New England.  Prohibition has brought a Speak Easy as well as its accompanying rise in crime and little else. By itself, the city would be insignificant, withering away as its best and brightest left for brighter shores, but then, living in the shadow of the larger seemingly cursed city of Arkham, its sister city to the North, makes Lion's Head seem like idyllic in comparison.

Most people live believing what they read in the newspaper, learnin school, are told by their parents, is all that is true and right in the world.  When that little girl was found in her room...well dead is almost too kind of a word for it, it was well known that her father was a drunk, only emphasizing how important prophibition is!  And when James the janitor was found in the alley near the wharf, well his skin anyways...it was sad, but the cougar was cought shortly afterward, so the community was ok.  For some people however, they've had a closer brush with something in the dark.  These people have trouble living day to day like everything is fine, at best becoming slightly antisocial, at worst being sent to Arkham to receive treatment in its famous asylum.

Are you one of these people, one of those who have had a touch with the darkness?

I'm looking to have a game with 2-3 people in the Nemesis Horror system.  Jason(artmonkey) has already signed up.  The game is going to have a strong narrative bent, which means I'm going to have to be somewhat strict on the character creation.

All you have to know about the world, is a rough idea of what the 1920s were like in America, watch a period film or something on netflix if you need to. ;)  Gangsters, speak easys, detectives, etc.  In this case you'll actually be in a small New England town, and these towns seem to be a little strange, filled with secrets, and more than a dash of xenophobia.

You'll most likely play some sort of detective, or a diletante who likes to investigate things for the fun of it, or a scholar with an interest in such things, something that makes you have an interest in helping people (even if the interest is only financial) or in exploring mysteries. 

You'll be a human, starting with no supernatural powers, which is a little unfair when you think about it, because the monsters, well the monsters have lots of supernatural powers, plus the very sight of them might end up with your character being shipped off to to nuthouse.  In fact your character might not survive the story, and even if your party wins (whatever winning means), chances are, the ending won't be happy.  Its the nature of such things, here in Lion's Head. 

Post here on dndorks.com  if you're interested in joining, describe the kind of character you want to play.