Who Wants to be a Radio Supervillain? Stage Two!

So now things gets serious! Its been three weeks, and over thirty villains have been submitted to the Decoder Ring Theatre contest. Now we get the webcomics involved. Come on webcomic owners, get involved, and of course, everyone else submit your best villain idea!

Webcomic owners, if you promote the contest on your site, you get a 50,000 impression run of a banner for free.  This is a great opportunity to promote your site for free and see if you like it, all you need to do is tell people about the contest by posting a link in your blog or whatever.

Here is some sample text, feel free to change it as you see fit.

Have you ever wanted to be a radio supervillain? Or rather, did you have an idea for a villain you'd love to actually hear on a radiostyle podcast?  Submit your idea for a radio supervillain and read about where you can get hundreds of hours of free audio drama done by the impression cast of Decoder Ring Theatre, over at topwebcomics.com.

For the rest of you, click here to read about the contest and how you can make your submission.

Thanks everyone!