Progress Update & New Comic

Hello everyone!  This is my first news update in a while.  I appreciate everyone's patience.  We were the victim of our own success over the past month, with site slowdowns and even outright crashing.  Couple that with some network difficulties and I ended up having a lot of sleepless nights before I seem to have wrangled things under control.  I've rewritten nearly the entire datalayer that controls the site, dramatically increased the server hardware, and begun leveraging some content services to improve global speeds.

Hopefully you reading this message is part of an indication that the entire site is running much smoother, so now I can get back to site improvements!

With a return to content and improvements, I'm excited to tell you about a new TWC Digital comic.  I read the comic tonight and its really good!  The artwork is excellent and just draws you in, and Juan Sepulveda's writing, already good in the previous comic, really outdoes himself in this one.  I'm told the third comic will be coming soon, so this is an excellent time to jump in to the Six Faces of a Dice series.

Six Faces of Dice
Check it out!