Comic Info Page Redesign

Hey all.  I'm in the mood to make some improvements around the site, but I don't know where to start.  I'm hoping for some design ideas, especially from comic owners.

Here is my thought.  If you send me how you'd like your comic info page to display, what additional, if any, pieces of information you'd like me to hold, etc, I'll redesign the Comic info display page to contain it.

For example, I'm already working on keeping a history of the ranking, but how will I show it?  I want to show off the comic browser themes from, where do I put that?  Etc. 

Now what happens if I get multiple ideas?  I'll try to make use of as many as possible, and I'll just make things toggles that you can turn on or off.  So if you want to make improvements, send over the info.  rmathis _at_