Comic writing

Comic writing is an interesting hobby that can lead to an actual work that brings you income. If you have spent a lot of your time on writing comics and you feel that it relaxes you, then you are probably on a good way to become a professional in it. Doing what you like will take less of your energy as you will be enjoying your work. Also if you feel like that comic writing gives you great pleasure, then you should stick to it.

Everyone can try to be a comic writer

There are no rules when it comes to comic writing. If you have great stories to tell, but you are bad at drawing, then you can fix that. You can take drawing classes or you can buy some books that are explaining how to draw shapes and add shade to it. Everything can be learned with patience and hard work. If you are willing to devote your time to the things you enjoy spending time with, then there are no limits for you.

If you have tried to draw and you feel it is not your thing, then you should concentrate on finding a partner that shares your interests. If you have someone who is good at drawing and picturing your thoughts, then you have a winning partnership. Someone who is good at drawing could help you to put your thoughts on paper and to send it to various editors and who knows, maybe your work will be accepted.

Finding the inspiration for the comics

Comic writer needs to be good at writing stories and as an artist. If you have what it takes, then you are probably a successful comic writer. In every writer’s life there is a period of life when the inspiration is gone and a writer sits in front of his computer or piece of paper hoping that it will come up with something interesting.

Finding the inspiration for the comics is not an easy job, but you should not just wait for it. You should go out in the nature, watch TV, spend time with your friends and maybe try doing some things that are new to you. You never know when you will trigger that something in your brain and the inspiration will come. Doing unordinary things and being on new places may activate your brain in a good direction.

Reading newspapers and being in touch with the reality and the present things may help you as you will be able to see what is going on in the world around you. If you want to be a profitable comic writer, you also need to focus on things that the audience wants to read about. You can check the current comic books and see what is currently selling on the market. By looking at the comics, you can come up with a similar story. You can also take a whole different approach and write a story that is totally different from the comics that are written before.

Can an original idea make your comic book a seller?

When it comes to writing comics and publishing them, you should make sure that you do not copy anyone’s idea or work. If you have an original idea, it does not mean that every editor will like it. You should send in your work to as many editors as you can think of. Also you can get good points at editors if you publish your work previously. If you can afford it, then great, if you can not, then try being original and sending in quality and polished work. Published work will allow the editor to see the final product and in that way you have better chances in getting accepted. It is worth of try even if you publish it in a hundred copies.

Things to think about before sending in your work

Before handing over your work, you should make sure that you check every single detail. If you have a good story going on in your comics, then you can get extra points for having clean and presentable sketches. Also you should make sure not to have any spelling or grammatical errors. By giving in flawless work you will show to the editor that you are a professional at what you are doing and that you are hardworking and willing to give in only quality work. Make a good impression with your work and start your path towards the success.

Becoming part of the world of comics is very hard, but it can be done if you have what it takes. You should remember that persistency and patience usually pays out, so you should not quit trying if few companies did not reply to you concerning your latest work. You should send your work to editors and if you do not get a reply from them, then you should try to find a new inspiration for new stories. By taking another approach you may succeed and impress the editors. Also you should make sure to protect your work as you want to be paid for your ideas.

How to find a partner in writing comics?

Writing comics can be fun, but when you run out of ideas, some brainstorming with your partner can be useful. If you are good at drawing, then you should find someone who you think is creative and is interested in comics. For some people it is easier to work with someone else as it gives them the motivation for work and the necessary energy. If you are looking for a partner, then you should ask your friends if they would be interested to work with you. Also you could meet people on forums and maybe start working with them.

Turning your hobby into work that brings you regular income is something interesting to many people. No matter what is the story you want to tell, you should always make sure that you enjoy what you are doing.