Vote Reset and Possible Vote Problems

So last night I reset the votes.

I redid the vote gateway entirely, it has many different aspects now which will hopefully make it a bit more difficult for those who are choosing to cheat. 

Every person is allowed to vote one time for each of their favorite webcomics every 24 hours.  Some people vote at home and at work, we don't hold that against them because there isn't much we can do about it.  A few people decided that their vote was worth more than everyone else, maybe they decided their vote was worth several hundred votes, maybe more. 

As an example, a comic that was getting several hundred votes a day is now getting over 600 votes flagged as invalid and less than 45 votes a day that are valid.  Are all of those 45 votes real humans? Or are some of them bots? I don't know, and I don't think my new vote page is foolproof, but I plan on continually changing it over the coming months in ways that will hopefully make things kinda fun and yet befuddle some of the bots at the same time.

Hope the rest of the month proceeds smoothly and we have a good race for the top 10.  And if the top 10 is "different" this month than last....well, everyone will suspect why.

As a side note, I'm not blaming the comic owners themselves, as often these sorts of things are the result of overzealous fans and friends.  But if a webcomic were to be kicked out of the top 10 entirely when they would normally be in the top 50, wouldn't that overzealous fan be upset? 

Thanks all!  Let me know if you have any problems voting as I'll be working on it all week.


If you are experiencing problems voting, can you please send me your ip address and which comics you are trying to vote for?  You can send it to support (_@_) topwebcomics (_._) com or via the contact page, we've had over 7000 successful votes since midnight but I know some individuals are having issues.  One thing is that the vote page "requires" cookies to verify who you are both before you click and after, other than that some webcomics aren't configured quite correctly so I've been modifying the vote page to compensate.


 New Update (11 am Monday): I found out that if someone voted wrong, some users were clicking "back" and trying to vote again.  This would have been fine and is normal user behavior, except if you were using a browser like Firefox which wasn't respecting the No-Cache headers I was inserting into the page.  Basically every vote page only exists once, then is wiped from the server, if you click back in firefox, it was showing you a page that no longer existed, a page which had no right answer.  So no matter how many times you tried to vote with firefox and/or maybe safari, if you got it wrong the first time and tried to just hit back, there was no possibility of success.  This has been fixed, at least when I was testing it in firefox 3.0.3.  Let me know if you have any issues and keep in mind that "back" might not be valid.