Do you miss the tales of yesterday?

I listen to podcasts all the time while I program, distracting the creating part of my brain that wants "fun" so the workhorse of my brain can focus on spending far too many hours without break programming.  Scott Sigler, Phil Rossi, Kimberly Steele, all authors I've greatly enjoyed listening to over the past year.  Those are podiobook authors, and you can listen to them all over on, but there is also a different type of content that I like to listen to, audio dramas.

Audio dramas are like tv shows generally written and produced with the idea there is nothing to see.  They're good for listening to on drives, walks, or working out from your ipod or zune or what have you, and are available for FREE via rss subscriptions, which your zune or itunes software can easily suck in and move onto your listneing device. 

I've mentioned before that I like shows like Buffy Between the Lines, and soon I'll be liking, Angel Between the Lines, both based around the concept of filling the gaps between the episodes.  Its a lot of fun, and I'm a big Joss Whedon fan.  There is also a Firefly audio drama out there, I haven't listened to it yet, but it sounds good.

Personally I'm a big fan of fiction done in the mid-1900's style.  You know what I'm talking about, Dick Tracy, the Shadow, stuff like that.  It may or may not be futuristic, but there was a style with booming voices, words like "aw shucks", "dang", and "squiggly squooch".  Wait, that last one was from Invader Zim, so scratch that one, but just thing language from Lassie, Leave it to Beaver, etc. 

Decoder Ring Theatre currently has 3 audio dramas covering two fisted superheroes (Red Panda), detective stories (Black Jack Justice), and space heroism (Deck Gibson, just think Flash Gordon or Buzz Lightyear from Toy story ).  They have a several seasons of content, professional sound, excellent cast, and I must admit, I have a crush on Flying Squirrel from the Red Panda series just from listening to her voice. ;)

So check them out, maybe you'll come to like them as much as I do.  And if you have something similar you'd like to share with me, send me an email, if I like it, I'll share it here, rmathis _atsign_ webcomic . net.