I was voted AdorkableGeek of the Week

Hey all, so first of all, I was voted adorkable geek of the week. :) Cool. Check it out here: http://ow.ly/6Elw

Ok, on to more important news.

Voting Page Upgrade

So as most should know, I try to maintain a fair voting environment for all of the webcomics.  In addition, I try to expose webcomics via the vote avatars.  Well what I've found is if I keep the voting page the same, after a time inevitably someone has hacked their comic to at least the top 20, once or twice to the top 10.  Some people would say to position #1, but I keep telling ya'all that comics with vote incentives do better than others, honestly, they really do... ;)

So the new votepage.  Images are rotated, it seems good, should work on most if not all browsers, and is kinda fun.  Voters have to think a little, hope it doesn't bug too many people.

What kind of results do we have? Well in 15,000 votes I've collected in a 24 hour period, 89% of them are correct counted as votes, 5% are the wrong choice, 4% are correct but duplicate IP addresses, .2% are correct but timeouts, and a negligible amount of IP errors.  What do all these mean?  Well 4% tried to vote twice, the timeouts mean they voted 20 minutes after the votepage was generated, which isn't valid.  This means that 95% of votes are correct, I'm ok with that. 

Also, the IP check page has been updated to show all the failed votes.  That means if you think a comic is possibly cheating, you can check to see if they're getting too many duplicate or wrong choices.  I think it should help.  If you see a comic getting 3 wrong choices for every 1 right, its most likely a bot. :)

Ok, enough of that, I've received a couple hate mails about the new voting page, if you want to send more, or suggestions for changes, email me at rmathis (at) webcomic (dot) net or via the support page here

Ok, for those of you who like roleplaying games, over at dndorks.com, Mariachidevil just started a new game with the PDQ rules.  PDQ is a ruleslight system that encourages roleplaying.  If you want to see what an existing game looks like, click here.  If you want to try out his game, click here.  People are signing up starting just today, so jump in, it should be fun!