New Vote Avatars!

So, as those who submit avatars have known, I haven't approved any new ones in a while.  Tonight I approved all of the pending avatars.

So what if your avatar wasn't approved? Well before I tried to make anything submitted work, even if it wasn't to spec.  Tonight, if it wasn't an image of a character, 97x97, with the name of the character clearly on the image, with the matching name of the character in the textbox, well I just denied them.  I didn't correct spelling issues, or modify the image myself in photoshop or whatever, I just had to deny them.  80% of submitted avatars are perfect.  20% are...well random.  Some of them are fantastic, so denying them isn't me saying I don't like them, some of them make me chuckle, or just make me want to check out the comic that spawned the character, but if the name doesn't match the character, it frustrates the voters, which is the last thing I want.

So if your avatar wasn't submitted, post it again, I'll try and keep up with them more regularly, and just make sure it follows the specifications and I'll get it approved!

Thanks everyone