Start the New Year with a Cool PBF

Here is an excerpt from his opening post.

Rumors have been going around for the past year now of people doing amazing, impossible things.  And as far as you can tell, it's true!  Not because of the occasional news footage, or questionable YouTube clips or the wild stories at the office.  You know, because you're one of them.  The Gifted.  That's what they're calling them... you.  Well, it's one of the more charitable things they're calling you.  Why is this happening?  What does it mean?  Some people are excited, fascinated.  More are scared.  And perhaps rightly so.  People hardly ever talk about the guy who works in the library by day and then bench-presses cars at night.  It's always the troublemakers.  Bank robbers and murderers and such.

Your gift came about only recently.  Does anybody know?  Perhaps you've had a little practice.  Perhaps you can barely make it work.  But you can feel it.  You can feel that things aren't right.  Not in yourself, but in the world.  There's something going on and you're square in the middle of it.  Will you be ready?

Does that get you as pumped for the game as it does for me? Of course I can't start playing until another couple people join!  The game system is Wild Talents, which I've never played before, but Jason helped me make my character over Messenger and it was really easy.  I'm playing a priest who feels guilty for his term in the Iraq war, but his newfound pacifism resulted in the death of someone he could have saved, this conflict of action/inaction has resulted in his psyche splitting.  This split has been amplified by the talents.  John's particular "talent" has expressed itself via his subconscious at night by assuming the guise of...Divine Justice

So if you want to join, or just want to read as the rest of us play, we'll be posting about 5 times a week (figure one post M-Fr, this is NOT a realtime game) with sometimes additional posts if you feel like it, over here: