Mirror Mirror

For those who pay attention to the new articles I put on the left, Andrew Zar over at Dark Brain gave us a nice article giving us an introduction for Mirror, Mirror [Rated R].  This is a pretty innovative comic, one of the new voice narrated comics that are starting to come out, and not just innovated by anyone, oh no, this one is rated by adult film star, Tabitha Stevens.  

The article has a few images from the comic, and its immediately obvious how someone like Tabitha would be an excellent match for the protagonist, a super sexy dominatrix type.  

Go check the article out over here, then, if you like what you see, go check out the webcomic here.

Dark Brain does a lot of different websites, a lot of them a bit riskier than your typical PG-13 webcomic (though there are some of those too), so if that appeals to you, I highly recommend them.  As always, any of the Rated R content may or may not be safe for work, be appropriate folks!