Zombie Ranch

 Is the standard zombie tale getting rotten for you? Then you might try shambling on out for a look at the Zombie Ranch. A weekly webcomic from the husband and wife team of writer Clint Wolf and artist Dawn Wolf, Zombie Ranch tells the story of Susannah Zane, proud scion of a long line of Texas cattle ranchers. Alas for the Zane family, the bulls and cows came down with a bad case of being eaten alive during the Great Zombie Plague, but humanity pulled through the apocalypse. Not only that, they founded a whole new industry based around wrangling the living dead for profit!

A generation later, the United States is divided between high-tech Safe Zones, and Wild Zones where zombies and outlaws still roam free-- and a powerful corporation has arranged to make a television show out of "the most dangerous job in America". Zane and her crew of working class ranchers live every day in the shadow of death; but people still gotta make a livin', and these brave souls do so with one foot squarely in the grave.

Sound good? Well then, come on along for a tour of this Weird New West at http://www.zombieranchcomic.com

Just mind the herd, folks. They do bite.