Movie Times

So every couple months its that time again.  That time where TWC promotes some movie in return for getting our hosting fees paid off for a few months.  I like to think its normally a really cool movie, and this month it definitely is.  I "really" disliked the hulk movie from a few years back, the animation was poor, the style of the movie was weird, and overall I was just really unsatisfied.

The most recent hulk movie was awesome!  First it had Edward Norton.  This guy is always awesome.  Fight Club, Death To Smoochy, The Italian Job, all some of my favorite movies.  Then the animation was much better, then it had "real" hulk characters like abomination and even hinting at Leader. 

So anyway, maybe you're thinking you like the Hulk too, but maybe you don't like the Hulk enough for 3 ads on each of the 15 vote pages you vote for every day. ;)  Well no worries!  Just register, its free, and inside your ad settings page you can disable the movie ad if you like, both for the vote page and for the homepage.  Personally I think its cool for "1" vote page, but I completely understand some of you don't just vote for 1 or 2, so there you go, the power is in your hands. :)

Also you can save your favorites if you're registered, so thats a plus, especially if you're voting regularly. :)