Recommending a free podcast only novel - The House of Grey

I've been listening to another free podcast only book lately, and this one really has drawn me in, so I thought I'd share.

The House of Grey by Collin Earl.

I'd heard about this book a few times, the name itself sounds interesting, but yet I avoided it for a while, mostly because I'd been catching up on a host of other books I'd been reading, and going through the Wheel of Time in audio format.  When I realized I have about 6 months of Wheel of Time (hey, its 1200 pages x 11 books in audio), I decided to alterate more, spread out, and I ended up giving House of Grey a try.


Once again the podcast world shows me that I can get more enjoyable audio fiction for free from the podcast world than many "published" authors.  I've been engrossed, and honestly its difficult to be typing this when I could be listening to more Grey, but I'm sacrificing, so I can share with you.  You can thank me later.

One of the big things I like about this book, is the pop culture references.  I'm a big fan of tv shows like Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, a big part of which is the pop culture references, I think they're funny, and for some reason rings a chord with me.  Collin does a great job with pop culture references, though in this case hes also including a lot of webculture references, which as a webjunkie I find just as satisfying. 

For the anime inclined, he also includes many references to anime, though not too many if its not your thing, and has some great scenes involving swordplay (kendo) which sometimes can be dry, but in Collin's case he really makes the scene come to life in my head.

So, check it out, listen to a chapter, if you haven't gotten into podcast novels yet, but think you might like listening to a book while working out, doing chores, etc, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds via most clients (itunes, zune, etc) and have it automatically download episodes and sync to your music player of choice.  For free (though if you like it, often donations and such are appreciated, though often telling your friends about it is even better).

Once again: go there, download it, love it.