Update to the Member Favorites

Have you ever wanted to help promote a comic that you really like but isn't getting the attention it deserves? For comics you've added to your favorite list, there is now a new option.  The option is "Create Vote Banner", and what it does is create some batches of HTML code for the comic which you can copy and paste to put into blog posts, website pages, whatever.  Each link includes your username, which means very soon webcomics will be able to see which fans are generating the most traffic for them. 

Currently there are only two options, the comic banner and a simple text link, in the near future I'm going to try and give comic owners the ability to create all manner of images.  What I'd like to do is create more of a connection between the comics and the fans, and of course I'll have to give the fans more of an ability to control what, if any, information the comic owners can find out about you.  Currently there is very little other than the username, but I picture a lot more in the near future (controlled by privacy settings of course!).

So its a rough beginning, but it is a beginning. :)