RPG Roll call!

Ok, Jason, over at dndorks, is starting a new game, Vampire The Requiem, but using an alternative rule system, want to check it out? click here.  He's using a set of rules called Solar System, which basically emphasizes the story over mass rolls of dice.  I'm playing in it, so you'll see me there, but we're looking for 3 more players.

The characters are partially premade, which means you won't have to worry about the other players coming in which the stereotypical characters (how many wolverine like characters have you seen in Vampire games? I'm talking about anti-social loners who are yet really powerful. bleh)


Come join us, if you're interested, Jason always runs a good game. :) click here.

To see a few of his other games to see the kind of high-roleplay he emphasizes, check out his

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