Free Premium Membership

Two important pieces of information. 1. Premium members don't see flash advertisements. 2. Premium membership is free. Register, click on Edit Profile, update your account. Thats it!

I have it set to give away premium memberships for 90 days, but you can come back at any time and extend it another 90 days. 

Obviously allowing people to turn off the flash advertisements costs me money, but if you care enough to click a button every 90 days, I'll take the hit to the wallet, at least for as long as I can afford it.

If you want to help support TWC and donate over 25, I'll extend your premium membership for a year.  Beyond that, I'll scrounge up some webcomic owner swag (speaking of, if you're a webcomic owner, feel free to contact me about having me give out your items, its a good way to connect to fans or make new ones, I'll handle the postage!) or figure something else out.