Progress and login problems

 If you are having trouble logging in, chances are, you've been affected by a weird glitch that occurred when we switched servers.  Please contact me or use the reset password form to have the system regenerate a new password.  

For an update about the new site, we've begun to make some serious progress, and I think its looking really great.  Once we have most of the current functionality working on the new site, I'll be sending out emails to interested members who want to give some criticisms of the new site.  If you want to be included on that list, please send me an email, as we hope to get the beta links going out in the next few weeks.


One feature which I'm really happy to include, is the ability for users to filter out content they don't want to see.  I want to give dozens of different ways to "not" see things, which hopefully, means people will be seeing more of what they want.  Don't want to see a particular banner? remove it, making room for another banner in the queue.  Same for webcomics, articles, whatever.  

I want to increase the power of the content of the site, but at the same time, topwebcomics features a large variety of content that appeals to many different types of people, so its important to me to let people control the kind of experience they have.

More soon