TwoKinds and others

So when Phoenix Requiem took the #1 position, I was very impressed, Sarah's art is amazing and her fanbase is highly motivated.  As I would work on the voting page, her fans would badger me with "why isn't it working", etc etc constantly sending in a stream of votes.

But now Twokinds has retaken the #1 position, doing very well in the votes, maybe its the cute incentive comics lately? 

New to the top 10 is Marry Me.  My coworker thought their incentive comic was what the comic looked like and closed it in disgust. ;)  I told him to be fair he had to check out the comic itself, its pretty good looking, interesting concept, he liked it.  It just goes to show, you can't always judge a comic by its incentive!

Hope everyone is having a happy new year! 

Small Update today (I'm going to start posting updates here)

  • Make the voting page focus on the textbox as you come in.  Click Vote -> Start Typing and hit enter ->Voted successfully!  Better than Click Vote -> Click Textbox -> Type -> Click Submit -> voted successfully.

Next voting page update is in 4 days, I'm trying to give the hackers plenty of time to create a database matching answers to pictures before I change things around.  I just think its more fun that way. ;)