Personal Effects : Dark Arts

So why do I keep promoting stuff that doesn't have anything to do with webcomics?  If you don't care, and you're just interested in being part of something really cool, check it out here

For those of you who stayed for the reason, well I've been part of a webcomic for years now (, and the owner/builder of for...I think 7 years now.  The idea that some of us on the web create and give to the world, mostly for nothing more than hoping for the occasional compliment email, I think draws a different kind of person. 

We create and create some more, and now its not just webcomic owners and programmers, hackers, whatever, no, for several years now all of the media creators, video editors, authors, voicecasting, anything and everything, the web is calling to create create CREATE!  So as part of, a site about promoting these mostly selfless people who love to create, I like to promote the people in other industries that I think are doing an awesome job, not just in webcomics, who are obviously being ranked on the front page, pushing themselves via my low webcomic rate advertising on TWC, pushing exposure via vote avatars,  articles, vote incentives, comics, and who knows what else here, but also the people I think  that are doing amazing jobs in any of the various fields built around fueling our imagination.

J.C. Hutchins, author of the 7th son trilogy is such a person, and his latest book is particularly impressive.  Personal Effects: Dark Arts is going to be an amazing book IMO.  Its different, encourages you to participate in a way I've never seen a novel do before, heck, it comes WITH physical items to even more immerse you into the book.  I really loved the 7th son trilogy, if you haven't tried out listening to audio podcasts, I highly recommend it, content that is free and then "you" decide if you want to compensate the author or not (and IMO you probably should if you like it, but thats between you and yourself :)), so go preorder Personal Effects; Dark Arts first, then go download 7th son.