Babylon AD

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone's had a happy holiday!

So obviously Babylon AD is upon the site right now, or at least the marketing promoting the DVD release of the movie.  For those who remember, we promoted the movie release too.

So...for those who have seen it, you already know what it is, but I'll talk about it a bit for those who haven't seen it. 

When I went to the theatre to see it, I had no idea what to expect really.  Me, my girlfriend, and my cousin went.  I'm a huge Vin Diesel fan, as is my gf, so things start great.  For those who like action movies, I think the movie is pretty good.  Lots of cool action, a lot of advanced technology that is just now starting to get out there or just around the corner, but not technology that is totally beyond the possible.  A few years ago it would have been almost cyberpunk, but now most of the tech is practically reality so either its just high tech, or our society is becoming cyberpunk.  I personally prefer to think of our society as becoming cyberpunk because I want to connect my brain directly to the internet. ;)

Anyways, I though it was a pretty good movie, satisfying, but my gf wasn't that happy with the ending.  She thought too much was left unsaid.  Having said that, I'm sure there are some extra scenes or whatever on the DVD that will reveal more of what she thought was missing.