small changes here

 As part of my attempts at improving communication, I'm going to start posting here when I make updates. Today I made some further updates towards making it easier to stay on top of updates.

One huge mistake I had made was to keep adding in messages from the site when various things happen.  It seemed innocent enough, like I was having trouble with people not receiving password reset requests.  Its pretty frustrating to try and get your password reset, only to not receive your email.  So I spent probably 30-50 hours, and as part of the debugging, I had it start sending me a debug email, something along the lines of "User X requested a password reset to email Y".  Well after a lot of work debugging, whitelisting domains, etc, it seems pretty stable, I haven't gotten any requests that they didn't receive their password reset in months.  Yet I was still getting a half dozen emails a day (As of today, I'm not).  

There were half a dozen other various areas that I was getting debugging emails, and consequentally, it was hard to see individual requests.  Combine that with 30-50 emails most of which are spamish to my main account, and I just couldn't keep up with my emails, especially as I was promoted in my day job and have a good 100 emails a day at work.  So I attempted to fix things by creating different mail accounts and my wife offerred to help by taking over approving avatar requests and such.  

But then something was setup incorrectly, so I wasn't receiving some of the emails at all, while still having an overwhelming amount of emails, just separated into 2 (actually 3, counting my wife's support email) accounts.

So a few people legitimately called me out, and working 80 hours a week doesn't excuse the fact that I had to get things under control.  So I've removed a lot of my emails coming from the system, making emails that do come out, 'useful", and rearranged how they send out a bit to make it easier for my wife too.

The feedback button has helped us catch a few issues which I've promptly taken care of, but a few users with smaller screens didn't like how it worked on the vote page. What I chose to do was make it go "under" the incentive image. It looks a bit weird sometimes, but its keeping the page's focus on whats important on the vote page, the "vote incentive".

I'm going to continue making some changes, emphasizing the comics, cleaning things up, etc.  Thanks everyone for staying committed to the community!